I Can't See It (Remix) Testo

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Testo I Can't See It (Remix)

[ Rob Quest ]

You know, if you could only hear what I see
Then you might understand where I'm comin from
Know what I'm sayin?

[ CHORUS (2X) ]
I can't see it y'all, it's like that y'all
I can't see it y'all, I got the light y'all
I can't see it y'all, it's like that y'all
But that's alright y'all, I got the mic y'all

One time for your mind, yo, check it

It's the chubby curly-haired kid from HTX
Nasty like unsafe sex, you best step when I flex
Knockin peons out the box and smokin niggas like swishers
y'all talk loud but say nothing, that's why I still can't heed it
Talkin bout, "I know that ain't that blind kid rappin"
Comin up to me talkin bout, "Hey yo, yo, yo 'cause, what happened?"
But that's for me to know and you to find out
Let me break it down right here, so you know what I'm talkin about
I remember when I told you I was handicapped
( ? ) handy rap along with this handy smack
I get a check every month and it makes me independent
So muthafuck you and that hand that you're lendin
Cause I don't need your funky-ass sympathy
Just the pussy and any money that you're givin me
I am who I am, so you can take it or leave it
You play me for anything less, bitch, I can't see it


Piggedy-part two of the episode
The Squad's gonna drop a load
Of hits for yo shit on the FM mode
With the beats for the jeep, 5th Ward to South Acres
My shit's hard like a brick, yo, go ask my neighbor
And she'll say, "Yup them some bad muthafuckas"
But on the cool, hey yo D, I think that old hoe want to fuck us
But anyway, let me get back on track
Hey yo Mike Dean, stop that beat right there, let me see where I'm at
Oh yeah - they say seein is believin but believin is deceivin
Mama dukes said set my eyes on the prize and achieve it
Back in the days in the hallways
Skipped a lotta classes and I didn't get paid
Cause even ( ? ) my rhymes wasn't clean
Back before my very first drum machine
I used to ( *beatbox* ) while the MC rapped
Now I boom-boom-bap boom-boom-boom-bap
Now a lotta things changed since '86
Now it's my first album, very first mix
And I'd like to thank God for this shit right here
Many shouts to Lil' Jay for lendin us a ear
And to this very day yo, I still can't believe it
Even though I can't see it


I want to send this here to all of my peoples, my niggas, you know that
Big or tall, short or small, whatever your problem may be
Whether you can't hear OR see
You can take care of your business
I don't want to sound like a preacher or nothin like that, but you know
Look at me
I'm here