Call Homie (skit) Testo

Testo Call Homie (skit)

Peace my brother
What's up, bro?
So how you feeling?
I'm good, I'm good just calling to see how yall doing
We - We chilling, I'm currently looking for filters for masks
I'm still out here just wearing them regular little blue joints you know what I'm talking about?
Yeah, yeah I do but with the beard though man it feels - it feels like too much stuff is in the way
Whenever I wear a bucket hat with shades on and one of them masks I know look like a certified creep
I swear you have to be of a certain age to appreciate bucket hats, I love them
I feel like that's our era
Specifically, it's my region if you wanna be exact
It's a very DC thing to wear a bucket hat I mean I'm sure yall New Yorkers adopted it like many other things
This is - This is the part of us
Listen, man, if we have to adopt everything we make it look so cool
Is that what happened?
Yeah yall just stay so local and yall just be like "Oh man this is great for us" and we're like "Uh if yall just bend this a little bit you'll be aight"
I'm going on an interview on Thursday
You mean a virtual interview, right?
No this one is physical
Like you going like outside?
Yeah I'm going to San Francisco so I sent them my resume
He's like "Hey you wanna come by on Thursday?"
So I'm like "Alright"
Yeah, you just gonna go?
You want me to work or not?
Let's decide this right now because I will sit at home and smoke all night
Yeah I gotta get out of here too man
Yeah, yeah
I'ma holla at you
Be safe, get your filters, get your money
Alright man be safe alright
Alright you too