Call Ma (skit) Testo

Testo Call Ma (skit)

Hey Ma
Hey Amir, how you doing?
I'm good, how you?
Yeah I had to go work today, I'm at the Safeway now
How you doing with all this, this mess going on outside?
Oh it's okay and I'm so tired of this subway, it's starting to get to me a little bit
Told you I'd get you a car you just need to get your help-
It was but Amir things have changed now if you not getting the business that you used to I don't want to take advantage
Oh, Mom, I'm good I told you I'm good if you need a car I'll get you a car, it's no problem
How you-Are you um practicing social distancing?
Are you wearing your mask? Are you doing all the stuff you supposed to do?
Yeah I got a mask on, I got gloves on, I got pepper spray
Pepper spray? What you need pepper spray for?
Because sometimes the lil drunk homeless guys will see me walking, they started approaching me and I pull out my pepper spray and tell 'em "Get back, get back"
[?] did a documentary called Basketball County?
Oh yeah I watched that
[?] yeah why don't you do a documentary on rappers that came out of Maryland?
That's a good idea maybe-maybe I'll do a um PG County rap documentary
Yeah you should I mean they do [?] some rap stars comes out of PG County you should do something like that
That is a genius idea Ma, I think I'm gonna do that
I'ma shoot a documentary and show the world all the talent that we have in Prince George's County, Maryland
Thank you for calling me I was beginning to wonder if you was gonna call me
Of course, I was gonna call my mama
Well anyway what happens at the end of line [?] what?
[?] oh but you didn't call and tell me "Merry Christmas" but you saying that you
I did call and tell you "Merry Christmas", didn't I?
You did? I don't remember
I'm pretty sure I called you
Uh huh alright I love you dearly
I love you too
But I'll talk to you later
Take care
Buh bye