Call Manager (skit) Testo

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Testo Call Manager (skit)

What's up man
Hey man
How's the situation in Germany?
They lifted everything right? Is there more restrictions?
Yeah the restrictions only on the [?] the concerts and the museums and stuff but everything else, no
Well we have to wear a mask but that's it
I was calling just to see if you had any like uh - updates on touring, publishing, anything, any like
Touring is not happening this year
You got any other - other ways you think I should focus on supplementing what we're gon' miss in making a tour or
I always find it better when an artist comes out and has a lot of music
So I don't necessarily find it um - we're in a bad place right now because the time you're touring you will have a lot of music out
There's a lot of people where you want to see live more than before
Beautiful, that's amazing
The more we can post until next year the better I think
Alright man I just wanted to call and see a progress report on things
Thanks man
All good
Appreiciate it
Alright man speak to you later