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Testo The Fuck

[Crowd chants "PackFM"]
["Oh Shit" scratched]

[Verse 1:]
Ayo my dick in your mouth!
Alright, I got that out the way
Now everybody simmer down, 'cuz what I'm about to say
Is gonna knock you out the frame
Around the way or outta state, I make the ground shake
You don't know how to play, then get up out my face
Right now ya eyes squintin'
Neck got ya head at an angle bobbin up and down to the rhythm like a piston
Move it slightly side to side, sorta like some nervous twitchin'
Same shit happened to me - that's how I know it's hittin'
Qn5, we on a mission, startin' out in pole position'
Guaranteed to go the distance
Never waste a second, flow's efficient
Try to tell ya man he better when you know he isn't
Givin' me demos to listen, wack MCs are so persistent
One guy was like, "Yo, I rhyme too, I'm nice" (oh wooord?)
"I know that you be comin' wit them punchlines right -
You should've tried out for unsigned hype"
Why? Outta the last 48, I ain't hear one I liked
Okay, maybe 3 - Basically, just wait and see
I lace the beat and leave the spot in vacancy
Don't give a fuck who's ratin' me
This is for my niggaz who been down from day one
And stayed wit me since "kickin you in ya grill, face-the-feet..."
Y'all know what the fuck this is
You know what the fuck to do
It's the motherfuckin' kid
Right the fuck in front of you
Mind ya motherfuckin' biz
Who the fuck you talkin to?
Man, I split ya fuckin' wig
What the fuck you gonna do?