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Testo Token Love Song

[Hook: x2]
Sometimes you don't have to say it all
Because it's written all over your heart
And if I never told you before
Just know you're haunting me within my thoughts

[Verse 1:]
We were together when I first thought of making this song
But now we're not - that's what I get for waiting too long
I still can't believe the path that our relationship's gone
It's like something wasn't right - but damn nothing was wrong
I wish I could go on pretending that I'm not upset
We broke up at the very same spot that we met
Is that ironic? or is that just the way you planned it
I couldn't stand it - You said I took what we had for granted
Turkey, lettuce, tomato, a little bit of mayo
A pickle on a toasted roll, that's your favorite sandwich
I remember all the little things, but saw a bigger picture
Make a better future so we can raise a little thing
But I'm still there for you, only wanted to take care of you
We broke up, you lost weight because I made sure you ate
We hardly saw eye to eye - we had different visions
From shows on television, names for children, and religon
I wish I would've known it was our last time kissing
I should've seen it coming - 'cause something was missing
But it doesn't make a difference - we still getting married
Just at different weddings
But I love you, you're my best friend...

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
I remember how you and I got together the most
Late night after a party I spit my verse from "Up Close"
Then we started play fighting, you hit me dead in the nose and busted my lip
I told you that you owed me a kiss
And you know how the rest goes - from there it's history
I thought it'd never end, I'd be Mr. You, you'd be Mrs. Me
Spending all our time together - that just led to misery
Let's not get into details - at least I never looked at other females
Maybe I did, but I never touched them -
Ok fine - at least I never fucked them! (I DON'T KNOW)
We fought so much, we couldn't be in the same room
But couldn't bear to be apart, its like we shared the same heart
And you were too smart to take a break even though it hurt
If we were meant to be it shouldn't be so hard to make it work
It's kind of like my favorite shirt, as much as I loved it
I had to stop wearin it, once it got a tear in it
Once the hole gets too big, there'll be no repairing it
We don't wanna end up the way both our parents did
I was trying to change you and you would stay cursing me
We broke up on our 2 year anniversary..

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3:]
I never told you this but you're the first one on my list
My first girl, my first love, hell - even my first kiss
I wish I knew back then the things that I know now
Everything I should've said, but I didn't know how
I was too young and dumb to see how you cared for me
The support that I had - how you was there for me
We were on different paths, slowly we would drift apart
And it seemed like all we had in common was art
You said it wasn't me, it was you - I found that interesting
2 weeks later on the train - I saw you kissing him
It took every bit of restraint to keep me from hitting him
I felt like throwing fists and Timbs
Who knows what I'd have did to him
But in the end, that was me being insecure
I guess that was the problem, I was too immature
All the time I spent running around trynna act cool
And be the best rapper that ever walked the halls of the school
Could have been used to show you that you were appreciated
I should have made the most of every moment that we dated
The Valentine's tape is still in heavy rotation
I don't think I put it down since the day that you made it
But hindsight is 20/20 and what's done is done
But we had alot of fun and you taught me how to love
And I cherish that the most of all the things we've been through
'Cause there wouldnt be a Verse 1 and 2 if it weren't for you...