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Testo Upclose & Personal

(feat. Substantial)

[Hook: PackFM & Substantial]
I must confess, you're the flyest I ever seen no contest
Don't worry 'bout me, I'm harmless
I just - wanted to let you know I'm feelin' you to the utmost
How 'bout we get personal and upclose?

I don't give a fuck about your sign, I'm not an astrologist
Your body's off the meter, I'm the leader - you need to follow this
You're divine, stay on my mind, like a neurologist
Playin' doctor's for little kids, let's play gynecologist
You need some TLC, and I'm trynna creep wit' you
I lost my teddy bear, so baby doll, can I sleep wit you?
Fuck me if I'm wrong, but isn't your name Heather?
I could've sworn that you and I went to different schools together
If my name sounds familiar, you should fuck what you heard
The word of the day is legs, let's go back and spread the word
My name's PackFM, you could call me tomorrow
I lost my phone number, do you have one I could borrow?
Do you spit, or swallow? What? You don't like my tactics?
Let's get married and have kids
If not - we could practice
It's a shame that I have to mess your hair and smudge your makeup
But if you are what you eat, I hope I'm you when I wake up
Don't raise ya stakes up, follow your heart, take a chance
Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cuz I could see myself in your pants
Can we do this romance?
If you ain't know what FM stands for, that means you're Feelin' Me wit no hands..

[Hook x2]

Is this your friend?

Whooo! That's what they say when you walk by
You thought I was the type who ain't about nuthin?
Girl, a tear fell when I spotted that onion
First thing on my mind was goin' half on a youngin'
And we could make some beautiful babies and all that
Own our own crib, picket fence, and "Welcome" doormat
But I'll hold that till later, I have yet to introduce myself
I'm yours, better known as Stan, a gentleman as you could tell
Not trynna gas ya (Riight), just build for a sec or two
And explore your mind long before I have sex wit' you (Uh-huh, is that right?)
Yeah, the thought crossed my mind, no doubt
I got the kinda lovin that'll make you sweat your locks out
Don't look at me as if I got no class like a dropout
Pardon a brotha's French but Goddamn, you're a knockout
Not even a Stan that hates enough (???) for me to recover
Seein' heaven face to face does a number on a brother..

[Hook x2]

Pardon my pushiness, don't mean to be foul, but listen
But why you want a dude who suffers from malnutrition?
What's FM stand for? I'm here to solve the mystery
PackFM really means Pack Fudge Maliciously

Pardon his pussiness, but I'm the one you should be jockin'
Fuckin' wit Stanley, you'll be borrowin his stockings
His "roses are red, violets are blue" shit is quite annoying
Only thing you 2 might have in common is former boyfriends

You passin' me up for him? Now that's tragic
This cat's got the sex appeal of a crack addict
Sleepin' on me like craftmatics, that's played
I'm hung like a well-endowed runaway slave

Now he gettin' brave for dissin me, thinkin he's impressin you
Stick wit me and have a real professional undressin you
Come here girl, and let me tell you Stan's history
Sure he likes chicks, but loves hot boys like Missy E..

Yo that's bulshit!
No it's not
Yes it is
You know what? Forget you both, cause I don't have time for little kids...

[Hook x2]