Captive Of The Sun Testo

Testo Captive Of The Sun

My misophonia brought the faders up
now she's a military grade, in
dolby surround, around 5.1 cause
the barking from the baritone
conductor in the pit for the car
honk duet. Half-tone harmony from
the sewer rebel youth choir belt
phrases even newer. Dump truck man
drops the beat with trash cans, call
911! We got therapy demands. Phil-
harmoninc got a first chair car
crash. Pan the falsetto to smash
the glass. It's a drive-by lullaby
that couldnt get worse, a melody
abandoned in the key of new york
where nothing comes after
i'm a passtime streamer, hanging
from the rafters -- i don't get out
i don't have fun
livin' like a captive of the sun

sight read the chart
clap the rocks into sand
a 12-pass van on a pot-
hole band stand. Got an oil-can
hangover by default, and trucks pave
the roads with amphetamine salt
skull shakin' cadence of the j train
rolls the rhythm of defeat, re-
peating like a pulse, marching on
and static, lyrics shout a retort
to the melody abandoned in the key
of new york