Human Performance Testo

Testo Human Performance

I know exactly where i was when i first
saw the way i see you now, through
these eyes waiting to retry, those
pristine days, i recall so fondly
so few are trials when a life isnt
lonely. And now if only. I'd never
felt it, i'd never heard. I told you
i loved you. Did i even deserve it when
you returned it. There's no suspicion
no hesitation believing through the
eyes of sore adoration
witness and know
fracture and hurt
eyes in the fire blink unrehearsed
shield like a house closing it's
doors, curved in the dark
rinses of yours

ashtray is crowded, bottle is empty
no music plays and nothing moves with-
out drifting into a memory. Busy
apartment, no room for grieving
sink full of dishes and no trouble
believing that you are leaving
mid-sentence tremors. Mind at its
weakest. One way of shaking off
the thoughts that it sleeps with

in walks the darkness i pitch
without you. Asks me do i realize what
i'd done and who i'd done to. Indeed
i do know. It never leaves me, just
visits less often. It isn't gone and
i won't feel its grip soften without
a coffin. Breathing beside me, feel-
ing its warmness, phantom affect-
ion gives a human performance