Pathos Prairie Testo

Testo Pathos Prairie

Faster than hope flies cold through my
veins. Faster than cruelty could
drain it out. I commit crimes and i
call them mistakes. Nothing den-
ies like a heart in doubt. This i
know! People flow like streams
where i bathe, then drift along
to a foreign place. The past like
a servant that bends for our sake
into the lines we tell it to trace

like how
we are wired
like how
we decide
like how we are taught
like how we are not
like how we hide ourselves in

laughter in sunshine, laughter in
pain keeps pace of heart in an honest
life. But after the fondness for life
is erased what races on in my soul
besides rabid mutts that fight and
fuck and howl till they faint
they too run on when the moon is
lit, faster than love turns itself
into rage, faster than i attempt
to forget

like how
we desire
like how
we embrace
like how we give up
like how we make love
like how we taste
when we're spit away
like how
we are wild
like how
we are pure
like how we despise
like how we tell lies
like how we're sure we're gonna