Take Me Home Testo

Testo Take Me Home

(feat. Ms. Tee)

[First Verse: Ms. Tee]

Lovin' you, was the only way I could show you
But I could see, all this competition is a lie for me
You said you wanna be with me, but alot of girls is catchin' your eye
I feel I'm here with you, I should be the only one on your mind
If you keep actin' like a boy I'm gonna stop wastin' my time
This love can't go on, so boy take me home!

[Chorus: Ms. Tee]

Take me home
Take me home
Take me home
Take me home


[Second Verse: Kangol Slim+Ms. Tee]

[Kangol Slim]

Ah! Ol' girl I know you love me
So won't you come over here and rub-a-dub me?
Because these other hoes jock you actin' funny?
Ol' girl it's no time to play
Plus me and you don't got no relationship anyway
[Ms. Tee]

Well I don't want you
Because you want everybody in my whole crew
Stop claimin' me boy like I'm your boo
You can go bout your business if you want to
Because I'm tired of you

[Kangol Slim]

Oh, you actin' silly now!
Playin' these dumb games like a silly clown!
I see you and all in your face is a frown!
Roll with the flow!
If you can't well then back home you can go

[Ms. Tee]

Oh, you actin' dumb now!
But I know the girls at the bar want you
You can't play me like a fool
You can be with them girls if you want to
Cuz I'm tired of you!


[Third Verse: Mista Menor]

Before I take you home, I'ma put somethin' on your dome
Cuz baby girl you been trippin' all night long
Rollin' your eyes, smackin' your teeth, stompin' your feet
Bootin' up every broad that be talkin' to me
Ya tryin' to check somethin'? Well baby girl you wrecked somethin'
You gone need a cab home cuz I just left somethin'
Young heffer, can't roll with the high-stepper
Cayenne pepper, girl I'm hotter than hot
You know how many lil' broads wanna take your spot?
Don't be fussin', don't be cussin', don't be bitchin' alot
I'ma rapper Baby
Here's twenty-five rounds, holla at me Baby
We can do it again
You my girl, you my dog, and you still my friend