Break Free Testo

Testo Break Free

Society is breaking us apart,
and rejection follows when you act by your heart.
We're all so obsessed who gets there first,
it's like we're a blindfolded generation and can't see that it's getting worse

Footsteps laid out GPS for the life you lead,
the law decides what your place is, make a mark follow your heart!
Leave the censored world of written laws far behind
advancing in your own life progression of your mind!
Blindfolded all following the lead,
so scared of opportunities and seduces by the greed

of money, made to heal the wound.
Objects to cover in our loss of independence.
Can we? Take the lead and stop this war,
unless we show this corruption how will they know what is real?

Face the society we've got is the face that history has shaped.
All the toys you need are way to overrated
and you'll daze off with everything undone,
with the illumination turned down this society has won

Diversion from the life, all the fashion rules and methods,
all the guides why don't we question those standards?
like the world would give opportunity to one who kneels to injustice,
if global warming is happening why are the wasting our time, on killing us all?

The option is still here, how strong is our will?
To create new chances and let the life they create disappear.
Aside from the majority, step off the easy way, and break free!

Keep your mind and foster your heart, never play their part!