Hugable Dictatorship Testo

Testo Hugable Dictatorship

Got to break the ice,
get running in our direction
No use in being nice,
we're not trying to fix an election

I don't want to behave today,
work-play-rest die that's what they say.
Not for me cause I see no use,
in serving dictatorial abuse
We're razing, bombing destroying and rebuilding,
we see a threat in foreigners why don't we kill them?

Why do we allow ourselves to be dehumanized, indoctrinated
Cause of nationalism the blood is wasted, their lives are spoiled
When will we see that all those leaders are trying to get us destroyed?

After centuries we're still too stupid to see
that it's not about the skin it's our humanity,
wars to help out economy,
the indoctrination of our fear with a new policy,
would you tell me what to do,
I won't conform cause I see you through,
say that it's written so?
that was way to long ago!

I don't take notes when you tell me what is right
democracy without real votes, clearing my sight
You think that we've got the perfect state
not knowing that it's only nicer today..
the things that they dictate, are only nicer today,
like back in the dark ages we're still following orders!
and we don't seem to see, yet we fail to see