Smile Along Testo

Testo Smile Along

So many events in your daily life,
from which you choose individually you strive.
One media informing you with what you don't need.
Mass consumption wants to spill your seed.
I need to find something true.
Give meaning to my life, that's me not you

Do you really believe you'll win a million?
No signpost or signal to tell where you belong
A path soaked out in cries,
cause all that's served out are just lies

Don't you like to smile? along with everyone.
You're a part of something and identity is gone!
Acting with the rest, cause they tell you what is right,
even if I stay unheard fighting it, at least I've tried!

Holidays to get relieve from the routine
the slumber falls into what could have been.
If you stood up and left your adult toys,
don't be massa-entertained taste some real joys

At your birth you get this little something,
why do you trade your special for more nothing,
I'm sorry I don't fit in your social say.
But I don't conform to waste away!

What does it say to you? It says to me: Pushed aside!
But I've got a remedy in a country we're free to choose.
Then why are we raised to lose subjectivity
Confronted by media and trends from all around.
The billboards speak in mute but they'll lead your way,
it'll effect your wasted mind, every living day!

Away from those trenches dug in front of me,
taken from my vision this isn't the thing to be.
For me no signpost or media I need, I push away, this controlled greed.
Cause I don't like to smile along with everyone,
Won't be a part of something and let my identity be gone.
Not acting with the rest, cause it don't seem right,
even if I stay unheard fighting it, at least I've tried!