Bones Testo

Testo Bones

You will not give in
says the soul to the skin
Now give me those animal thoughts
you've been hiding.
Rise from the bed
take the heart from the head
And ask if she really is broke.
You'll find she doesn't speak,
she was never broken;
Always asleep, oh,
and you thought he'd woken you.
Don't cheat says the soul
It's just meat on his bones
It smells sweet but your conscience
will eat at your inners
I'm calling from my cage
You'll regret that you locked me away.
Good day says the sun
The morning has come
Hide away,
without moonlight
you're pale and undone
You must listen to me,
this is what you are
It's not you that he'll see if you hold me afar.
You know my dearest friend
You'll be sorry when all of this ends.
I told you
Hold tight to my hands
I speak truth
why did you not
Hold your ground?
You let go to run with his soul
And now he let go
You're falling down.
If I've been hiding
while you've been deciding
To throw all I have for you
on the floor.
I've been calling, calling,
calling your name
And now that you've fallen
I'm hoping again.
That you listen to me
you listen to me.
You will not give in.