Sleep Testo

Testo Sleep

Sleep baby sleep
I don't mind if you leave;
We will part in our dreams, let them come.
I'll give you my skin
But you can't have within;
Hold me tight as you like.
I will leave you when the day is done.
Wake with the dawn
Discover needles in my neck.
Sleep it bade me turn my back on you.
I'll watch your chest
As it rises with each breath
But you still breathe beneath a river
that I'll never even wade through.
Give me your cup and
I'll give you mine.
But I'll prise it from your fingers
in surrender to the night.
The moon is bright
And hangs alone.
Yeah, he's got the stars, but they've got their own
Solar systems.
And I watch as he wards off the dark.
With the gift that the sun gave him.
And I learn from the moon what we are;
All alone.
But alone in a sea of lonely stars.
So go baby glow.