Marshmallow Unicorn Testo

Testo Marshmallow Unicorn

Farewell to you my love, I'm closing my eyes.
You'll let go this cold, cold hand in time.
This chain around your neck must carry my stone.
So I can feel your heart beat against my own.
This veil will hide my voice from you and I'm
Not sure how I'll talk to you but
Know while you lie sleeping I'll be speaking my truths.

Be near me always, I don't know where I'll go but
I will tell you my stories.
On this ocean I'm rolling a wave away from you but
We will roll into each other some day.
For a ripple on the water I'll pray.

You will lose my face, even closing your eyes.
I have gone from skin to earth to tree against the sky.
The storms may harm our blossom.
We call for the sun.
And though the rain still pours, we know she'll come in
good time.

Oh silver lining you are hard to see,
When her face it fades away from me.
But I know while she lies sleeping
We are dreaming the same dreams.

For she is near me always telling me where to go.
She listens to my stories.
She has this funny notion that tears the tears from me but
I will dry her pretty eyes some day.
For a ripple on the water I'll pray.

And I know that I will find her by the tremors left
behind her,
For with each ripple on the water
She prays.