Fuck Mack 10 Testo

Testo Fuck Mack 10

I'm really not a rapper man
I don't know why these niggas be bumpin' their guns
Just another spread of the hustle
Streets forced me to do this shit so fuck it (say that, say that)

The preacer's at the alter
Your time is gettin' smaller
What I bring to you is like the weight of the rock of Gibralter (say what?)
Mr. Inglewood Blood you's a goddamn lie
Cause the whole town confirmed you were scared of "NA'GUY"
Break Bread Mafia - nigga watch me close
You know what happens to bread when it's heated it turn to toast
And when the crumbs crumble
You wanna squash it and be humble
All right meet me at the sherm smoke out at the park in the Jungles
Keep "The Bottoms" out your mouth or get turned to a ghost
I'll kill you ?? fall out and cry with your folks
I gotta gangsterism track record
To incriminating to be put on the tracks and
We put on records
We The Relativez (yeah)
Plus Nuttz the Thief
Break Break is the Taliban political voice in the streets
You had CJ, The Comrads and Squeak-Ru
Except for K-Mack your whole roster was harder than you
You niggas is T.V.
You niggas don't believe in me (yeah)
And I'ma dump like the real song you bought from G
I'm a gangsterism over kill
Pistol no holdster steel
Bustin' out the G De Ville
Buga behind the wheel
Nigga you ain't a gangsta you's a tattoos freak
You ain't from Queen Street nigga you from Beat Street
This shit is deeper than Romeos and Croacker Sacks
This for the life of real Bloods that lay it down on their track
Who nickel and dimin', uh Blood you funny
You went from CEO to a artist deal for Cash Money
Nigga you need a pacifier
When it comes to rap you need to retire
Nigga you just rap behind my niggas practice rapid fire
With these kings in Inglewood nigga you can't win
The Relativez Mafia nigga, fuck Mack 10

I - Will - Not - Lose

That's what I've been tryin' to find out for the longest nigga who bangin'
All this dis shit is for the birds
Listen here punk when I confronted you
You started mumbling words
Ain't nobody gon' save you nigga
I'll die and go to hell before I let you dis me
To make you album sell
You done have three shots
"The Recipe" flop
"Paper Route", "Bang or Ball" flop
You like the lion
On the Wizard of OZ
And your wife she's a bad baby, T-Boz
And you don't bust straps
You just bust raps
And you fight pitbulls you don't push no crack
You'se a real sick dude
And you just started wearing red
When you left Ice Cube
I thought it was a costume be the Blood for Halloween
Bumpin' your gun so nigga watch the ??
You reminded me at CB4
Pay your warrants
Catch you in the module
Tie you to this toilet
And when you run outta cheese you better stay O.T.
Cause we gutter niggas
That promotes the B
And you ain't too far too rich to get touched
Nigga the head up's over nigga your ass could get rushed
Soo Woop - Soo Woop Soo Woop

Niggas still bleed
Some shit is over your head
Don't let your mouth get your ass misled
Niggas still bleed
When it's a war who rollin' with you
Cause when it's old we following through
Niggas still bleed
What the fuck you mean "Bang or Ball"?
You lil' bitch you never banged at all
Niggas still bleed
Watch yourself or get your family took
Cause we could both pull murders make the motherfuckin' beef cook