Like That Testo

Testo Like That

[Verse 1: Big Wy]
These lady's thought that I waz a star ckuz I pulled out my loot and purchased da bar (da bar) my whole lifes been based around gunplay but now I pull modle bitchez rite up off da runway ckum fuck we ckan brake da back boared with a raper slash pimp slash ex-crack lord... bring ya friendz you can switch but live time to show you what dat dick ckan do it's time to work yo butterfiez are gone stroke my dick whoth my handz ckuz it turnz ya on I feel fo da man at home you live with... you hiz lovely wife at night ya my bitch, I'm wy-kelly I got it all on tape don't fo'get ta wipe da nut off ya face uhmmmm... yea, (ooooooooooow)lezz go...

Do you like it when I lay on my back and play with da uhh juzz like dat? yea, I like it when you sckream like a freak in wet sheetz baby juzz like dat... do yo like it when we freak on the sink at club? baby juzz like dat? uh uh ilke it when you call mo'nique and ya'll freak baby juzz like dat.

[Verse 2: Suga Bugga]
Lez make it official Suga Bugga ain't given no dick unlezz it's binefficail every girl got freaky side do you play with it when you alone or like ta ride? doggy-style juzz flip yo switch orgy'z with ya dude and anotha bitch wild sex ckuz ya flex it like ta suck dick ckuz ya turned on by facial expressionz... the role waz it good az gold gimme some pussie on da d.l (down-lo) and I won't tell a soul chapter three yea sex book bugga heat up verses and make bitchez fuck da hook.


[Verse 3: B-Brazy D.L.I.P]
Now I'm suprized at all diz dick ya takin cummin so hard lookin like ya harlem shakin I did a-hunnit-nine (109) circlez killen cock on ya matrezz sweet daddy got dick sweet daddy getz acktive like dat (err) naw like diz give it up give it up slide like diz (uh) 2-step glide like diz do da blood walk I do mine like diz (ahh) look at mine she a super dime bitch told all da home girlz girl he got dick and now they wanna hit and now they wanna flip and rollin threw da lanez ta find b-brazy fo some dick and guezz what (wah wah waht) ya babymoma give bool head did her at da spot like an r.kelly bootleg it muzz b sumthin bout my young azz that getz deez dusty chickenz sprung on my young azzzz!


[Verse 4: Big Wy]
If you wanna party all night and drink some mo let me here you holla at me... they juzz called lazz ckall but if you wanna keep it ckrakin all night let me here you say (yea) if you met somebody in da club and your ready ta fuck let me here ya say(yea) throw ya mutha fuckin handz in da air lezz party come on (yea!)