Takeover, Pt. 1 (Intro) Testo

Testo Takeover, Pt. 1 (Intro)

You've been denied of it
Big Wy, Suga Buga
The takeover

Inglewood, California, home of the beast
Where niggas slang dope and say fuck the police
It ain't a safe place from the West to the East
Two door Caprice with a Tec on the seat
So sleep with your eyes open
Cause home invasions get popular
When niggas that clone the garage opener
All we ever did was tie up niggas (yeah)
Scrap 'em down with work and fly out bitches
Always been a big man, never a runner
Fake I.D.'s for the bitches Western Union the numbers
You don't want your lil' girl kidnapped from school
Tied by the feet and threw in a pool
You coochie-ass niggas
Relativez, the album
For the gangstas and the boo-gee-ass niggas