Reprisal Testo

Testo Reprisal

The trilogy's complete but the saga goes on
Foo',why are you so surprised?
You wonder why these latin motherfuckers never seem to die

So punk, you got beef with us?
Shut the fuck up and remember that
The shit you write on your mad wack zine
will never bring us down!
[You can't stop these soldiers!]
I know why you're upset with me
[You can't be a soldier!]
All the haters hate cuz they'll never be
[They'll never be soldiers!]
D'ya wanna know why they call me Da soldier?
Don't you remember the name?


It's not about becoming big stars.
Sellin out and stackin up
It's all about making raw phat shit
For the underground

You still dissin me and all my homies
So be careful and watch your back son
Cuz one day or another i will catch you in the act
and that'll be the day i'll take my payback
And even when all these bitches
That claim to live this shit will give up,
I'll be there, in the front-lines
representin the real vegan shit
Over and over again