Virtual Testo

Testo Virtual

Was i right about you
lyin or was i wrong?

Was i right about you
foolin or was wrong?

Wasn't i right when i said
You were lying?
You had me hangin on
Now ,i stand back
I knew the moment had arrived
But i didn't open my eyes
They should have told
me something about life
They should have done
something for me ,earlier!

I remember the day when i met you
Your screen-name, the way you typed
You said it was your first time on that room
I didn't know you were lying
I remember the first thing you said to me
You seemed to be so nice and kind
"i got some things i can't tell anyone"
°i need someone to talk with for a while"

That day i woke up
"Wait,something ain't right
Oh my god, what the fuck...
I can't believe my eyes"
Your picture on the TV
The same you sent to me

They said someone killed your mom and dad
Then stabbed even
Your dog and cat
You are the only survivor
But i know the truth
I know the truth!
Your bitter smile
I can't forget
Your devilish eyes
I can't forget
I wanna feel never again
the way you made me feel
I don't wanna see
I don't wanna hear