Tribute Testo

Testo Tribute

I never trusted you
and now I know I was right when I said you were not by my side
Yes, I'm still alone but I can always fight
Now I'm here and I'm ready to die

Still hardcore in spite of all
Stronger than ever
I won't fall

Say my name bitch
Don't You remember who I am?
I'm the man you backstabbed
Here comes the payback now

What goes around come around
That's just how it goes boy

Memories of what we've done
fill my heart with pride
A tribute to Reprisal
that will never die

I been with my homies before they came in the game
Four latino kids rising from the ranks
Never played ourselves
Always true

What you see is what you get
And what you're getting is only kicks in your ass
What you see is what you get Reprisal's back again