Endless Tunnels Of Gore Testo

Testo Endless Tunnels Of Gore

Rozzie is a rich bitch killa, I'm for real
Jumpin' up outta the bushes pig father
Make 'em squeal
? biproduct, what's the deal?
You know the saw and axe, so I'mma show you how it feel

All I wanna do is watch your fuckin' blood spill
I must welcome you to Hell
To the Kingdom of the shells
Nowadays everybody is a wicked rapper, but
Growing up, all of my favorite wicked rappers taught me how to kill!

Still kickin that old school wicked shit funk
OG, Acid Rap, bumpin' out the hooptie trunk
Every night is Devil's night with Dr. Dylan
You get stuck
Fuck a nun & carve a triple six across her stupid cunt

What the fuck you want?
Why you wanna target me?
Kill 'em all!
Capital D
Psycho sick, Insanity
It's killin' season
And I'm street sweepin', with the reason
Cause in my hood, crack is always in season

"No sir, Officer I don't have no drugs"
The only drug I have is senseless hate
But you alreadyknowwhatsup

Then I rotated my body
Reachin for my registration
When I turned around I shot him in the mother fuckin' face
& got up out the car all frantic
Called up Ivan in a panic
You try livin' with these voices in your head
No I can't stand it

Now it's ringin, but he ain't pickin' up tho
Son of a bitch
I got myself together and threw my phone in a ditch
Slow it down
Get it together
Dylan, why the fuck would you do that?
It's just called bein' crazy, but I guess I already knew that
Is it really worth it, to go through with that?
Yes, when you see a pig with his wig blew back


[Rozz Dyliams]
R O double Z, rising out of dead sea
Kicking the fucking wicked shit ever since I was a baby G
Killer, crazy killing, it was Scum and Insane Poetry
Only bodies left behind and nothing ahead but torture meat
What you know about the sickness, what you know about this, rest in piss, Imma homicidalist
Dying, swinging fist, if you wish (to let, don't?) get me pissed
Coming up outta the mist, Imma drag them back to the abyss

[Insane Poetry]