Chasing Tail Lights Testo

Testo Chasing Tail Lights

Swallow my pride all
Color blind to hues I use to see
Staring at my ceiling wall
The stars that once were green
have faded grey

I'm scratchin' off my old prescriptions
I'm figuring out the formula I use to know
I'm walking straight enough to trace back
Where I let you go
But how'd you know to call?

You said you thought about me, yeah?
Dancin' in the midnight silhouette
Stop these delusions from
Taking away the few thing's I've got left

I've given up on my ambitions
I'm singing out this melody only for you
I'm waking up from dreaming lonely dreams
without you
I'm feeling sick again

Chasing Tail Lights
Shadows that hide
Underneath the fireworks that lie
knowing what's best
Air thats not right
Sound asleep with your hand on my chest
I'm losing all my inhibitions
I'm writing down the formula I always knew
I'm finding out that nothing true is black and white