Sunset Testo

Testo Sunset

It's 13 hours from Phoenix
Trying to get some place dry
the suns sweet ray ran too long in my mind

It's 3 A.M on these back streets
A thousand words gone awry
I almost lost the vision of your eyes

But you were the one who
Cast me into blue
I'm moving fast to catch that old feeling
My chest gets so tight
Can't ever breath at night
Keep thinking about those cold sheets on my skin

It's getting dark in this small town
Never felt so alive
I figured how the sunsets in my mind

This winters gone on for too long
Cold air is cracking my lungs
Something inside keeps pushing on and on

Now I get so shook
I'm losing my left looks
These regrets keep turning into prophecies

Blame it on bad luck,
Or simply the product
Of too much time of having everything

You make things alright
tuck me in at night
Keep reaching for the cool parts of your skin
was it the one who
Built me up to do

Maybe I'm not half of what you said....