The Dr. Testo

Testo The Dr.

Please call the Dr.
I need to buy some of her time
I'd help myself
But I don't have the will to try

Maybe I'm just tired
I know I'm feeling far from fine
Its way too late
and I just want to shut my eyes
Sometimes it feels
that maybe I'm the one to blame
And I don't think I'm alone
In this assumption

So for tonight I'll fall asleep
and face the day tomorrow

Don't get me started
I might explode
And I'll take you down with me
No questions asked

You ain't seen the worst of me
It like watching a plane crash
You can't help but feel sorry

Lately I've felt mis-wired
Somebody read me my last rights
Because I don't think I can make it till tomorrow

Maybe I'm falling apart
Maybe I've come to my senses
And braced myself
For the worst part.....

Well I found out
Theres no time to regret
How all these decisions we've made
Have led us here today and
Why we choose to stay

It seems like I've waited forever
To find my place in between
These city streets
and I just can't wait to see
whats in store for me....