Beginningless Vacation Testo

Testo Beginningless Vacation

When I went to bed the other night something terrible occurred to me:
What if I awoke and found myself in an alternate reality?
Among the people waiting for the train
Standing there dejected in the rain
Dreaming up an island far away - beginningless vacation

In another life and time it seemed that everything was beautiful
Now I'm in a jacket and a tie and I'm sitting in a cubicle
But I'm working up a master plan
Oh, my wife and kids won't hold me back
Something's gotta give before I crack - beginningless vacation

Oh, when I finally get through this pile of debt
I will be free to make my way
I'll move to London or learn to fly a jet
Then I can finally fly away

One of these days I'm going to leave and I'll never go to work again
It'll be the last they see of me - I'll be following my heart instead
But it's always much more fun to dream
Than to run off doing crazy things
If it means I'm risking poverty - beginningless vacation

At least I have the weekends all to me
Holidays and summer hours free
I can always dream about my sweet beginningless vacation
Beginningless vacation [x2]