Totem Pole Testo

Testo Totem Pole

Where exactly do I stand today?
Number one in line or as a backup just in case?
Turns out I'm just one of many chumps
And when you get tired of me I'll find out I've been bumped

Being part of your rotation makes me feel a little sick
And now I've got the short end of the stick

I did all you asked right from the start
Everything was perfect till you had a change of heart
Not going anywhere for anything
Try to send me off but you're just pushing on a string

And I keep on chasing even while I keep on getting stung
On the bottom rung

Leaving everything behind me
You'll find me, down there
I will always be here waiting
As if you even care
I'm going nowhere

And I hate what I've become but I will stay to play my role
At the bottom of the totem pole [x4]