Frankengirl Testo

Testo Frankengirl

Right now I want to count all the things that make you up
One part crazy jealousy and two parts puppy love
Add a dash of outta-left field rages and you'll see
Frankly girl, that's why I've got to leave

Hey kid, now I'll admit, you've got a certain charm
Big brain, a pretty face and such je ne sais quoi
But as you well know, baby, I don't parlez your Francais
Frankly girl, that's why I just can't stay
In the kitchen washing dishes innocently with my back to you
It's just an act to you
I didn't do a thing but you're convinced I did and it's a fact to you

That's it, I'm done, I quit: I gave it my best try
Heart and soul, you're quadripolar and I'm just one guy
Now in a way there's no one that I love more in this world
But I've still got to leave you Frankengirl [x3]