Heartburn Testo

Testo Heartburn

[Sean Price]
I love selling nicks at night, go home, to my son
Roll a spliff and watch Nick at Nite
I love it when my bitch cook, come home
To a hot meal, it's not real, the bitch can't cook
I love them bullets I sent you
You know what's up, I'm broke as fuck, and nigga the rent due
I love my moms and the drug habit
I love a double jointed bitch up in my craft splattered
I love snatching niggaz jewels up on the mass transit
I love busting in ya mouth, I know you can't stand it
I love it
I love it when you bob ya head to this
At the same time, giving the God head in the whip
I love it when I'm wit wifey, you say nothing
Right under her nose, I'm right under your clothes
And I love it

[Chorus 2x: Sean Price]
"All this love in my heart" In my heart y'all! (I got heartburn)
"And just enough to make 'em stop" uh-huh
"Only take us on the path" - P
"So it is on your mind" - and again

[Sean Price]
I love fist fights with brass knuckles
I love to get right with the 5th and make ya ass buckle po-po
I love mushrooms, I love to puff boom
Love living with you though it ain't much room
I love when you say my song is corny
At the same time, huggin' my nuts, the god stay horny
I love to flow, dog, tell me about it, the hoes
I love it raw dog, tell these are violets, you know?
I love Martin Luther, I love Malcolm X
Love Knotts Landing, love Falcon's Crest
I love wallabies, I love trees just as much
As I love collard greens, and cheese, bitch, I love it

[Chorus 2x]

[Sean Price]
I love to punch street niggaz
Rude awaken, food is taken, blun street niggaz
Ya'll motherfuckers phony, the father told me
To knock y'all niggaz out, quick then Antonio Tarber
Show me ya dollar, nigga, I'll show you the llama
The bullet blow throw holes through your armor, blam blam
Damn fam, you fucking with a grown ass man
Couldn't, picture my life different on Kodak cams
See, I'm on your block in a tore backed van
Jumped out with a new gun, hold that fam
Bah, Sean Price, past, present and future
Better late than never, whatever, I see you, I shoot you
I love ya