Peep My Words Testo

Testo Peep My Words

[Sean Price]
I'm better than mine, Sean Price, remember this time
I'm all that, jaw tapped, pa, Gregory Hines
Strapped from the wall, I got a package of raw
In the ass crack of his whore in the passenger door
Y'all niggaz is wack in this shit, get slapped with the four
Shit like that be a crack in the law
Barely blind, better yet, care to get shot
Bust a shot at the 'bad boy', can't be stopped
Listen to my old shit, they be like 'damn they hate
What happened to them niggaz, man, they flopped', word
Drinkin' and smoking, vice verse, smoking and drinking
I'm hoping it's linking, tied up, I ain't suppose to be stinking
Y'all niggaz is farsighted, didn't notice the kingpin
Up close in your face, bust toast in your face

[Chorus: Sean Price]
Peep my words, words, heavenly word, words
Stackin' niggaz locked up in the 73rd
Peep my words, words, heavenly word, words
Stackin' niggaz locked up, locked up, locked up

[Sean Price]
Aiyo, I'm bustin' the cronz, call be Ruckus
But Sean's the name that I choose to be called
When I'm in front of my moms
Kid, what the fuck is in front of me pa
The number one stunner ready for y'all, listen
I got many guns that'll straight pounce ya melon
Got big guns about the size of Mount St. Helen
Soon as I punch a nigga, be like 'Ouch, I'm tellin'"
Gotta bounce down south with Welling, what up cuz
I'm Sean Price, watch me lead this shit
Boot Camp, no fatigue and kicks, nigga
Y'all niggaz is straight fake, perpetrating the fraud
Give me the cake so I insert the 8th in your broad
Scared to death, niggaz going face to face with the lord
The amount, bang ya motherfuckin' face in this board
Fuck around and catch wreck in this spot, scared to go pop
Heckler & Koch, reckon your not, fled from the cops