Jail Shit Testo

Testo Jail Shit

(feat. Rock)

[Sean Price]
Who this? Sean Price, groovy shit
Catch a body cop out to a two to six
Less the charge, yo, don't even stress the sarge
That's my girl pops, why you think she bless the God?
Weed and dope, anything you need to smoke
For the kids, netas, triple b's and lokes
Five Percent niggaz, aiyo, peace God
Knife in ya hand, trynna get a damn piece, god
Ain't nothin' left to do, but pull out ya piece, god
Dig in they face, until you tear it to piece, god
Here are some things, over wrong, fearing no things
Set it off for the German, do a year in the bing
Either grow dredlocks, did a bid in the bing
You them blow head bop, turned queer in the bing
You should hang it up, pa, can't take this stuff
But wait, pops died, go to wake in cuffs

[Chorus: Rock]
You come home to the streets, niggaz raising hell
Fightin', cuttin', damn it's the same as jail
Only the grimey get over, ain't no making bail
Get torn at the frame, if ya frame is frail

[Sean Price]
I hope and pray my first born, be next to parole
Tie it up, liftin' weights, playin' chess with stones
I'm tired of things, tired of the riots and gangs
Tired of the jack mac, caliberas and ten
When I come home, ma, I sware to God, I'ma change
But when I, come home, you know the God won't change
I'm bluffin' for real, girl you know the fuck is the deal
Soon as I touchdown, I need to puff on the real
Bang my first floor, pa, never focused, free
But corner violation for smoking weed
As the cop escort me, as I toot to a cell
With a smile, but inside I'm feeling stupid as hell
Man, I'm 29 going on 30, kid
Can't be getting locked up for no dirty dick


[Sean Price]
My life is in danger, my son set it off on the emon
Niggaz being easy, how the fuck, can you be calm
Looking bad, son, them niggaz deep as hell
Realizing all my motherfuckin' peeps is frail
It's just me, Killa, Rum Dick, Psyche and Will
Dee and a crackhead named Mike from the ville
If I die, yo I'm going out with knives in they grill
All my motherfuckin' life I've been real, yo

[Chorus 2X]