One By One (Revamped) Testo

Testo One By One (Revamped)

"I shapeshift" [Mr. Eon]

[Mr. Eon]
I shapeshift to a spliff
Light myself up
Ignite the mic and felt up
Your butter shit get melt up
Your mic is falling on, needs to be helped up
Snatch your rap belt up
Blaze the tron, Eon the phenom
I'm on par with rap czars
Fascist dictators
Dick Starbuck and I'm playin Space Invaders
Standin so close, made you liable
Turn your Rap Bible to the false idols
I been bringin doom to the groom
Snatchin up the bridal
I'll hoch paragraphs, invest in ebola
Fuck you up like Pop Rocks and Coco-Cola
Tryin to be cute like Mun Chi Chi
Really catch a nut from munchin on deez
Hundreds please, honey don't make a peep
In 2G it's only our word that we keep

You in the wrong place
You in the wrong time
You with the wrong someone
Smut Peddlers, false poets get done
One by one, by one by one
You in the wrong place
You in the wrong time
You with the wrong someone
Smuth Peddlers, false poets get done
"Every morning, every evening"

[Mr. Eon]
You in the wrong place
Seen the stupid look on your face
Get done/Dunn like Warrick, but never even saw it
Yo Cage show em how you go
Inject the raw shit, MC's gonna forfeit

I was thrown in this lifeform wit basic essentials
Like screamin over other cats' rhymes like they instrumentals
Sacrifice mics, in front of my following
You shit your insides out and go barefoot wallowing
Swallowing, woodern crosses, I'm nauseous
Fourth the pale horses, insect lynches, dental flosses
Don't practice witchcraft, I got a craft which shits
My name stand between MC's lips like clits
Threw you off the roof cuz you thought your ass was fly
Till I bungeed off the top and stuck needles in your third eye
Wild shit like this comes from boredom in my forehead
My cousin in Serbia said there's more dead
And there's even more dead livin upstate
Middletown New York where young girls and dogs procreate
Call your local Agent up for a fix
If you outta cake, I'll take duct-taped up playmates


When the weakest of the foodchain steps it up
You might come complete with a lot of BULLSHIT
Witness legendary tales as opposed to clones
They like microscopic versions of Indiana Jones
?? Lost, Temple of Doom the chorus
Goin out like the Last Crusade against the Source
You know my name like the blonde flame tryin clone it
What opponents? Those are kids I spit on last year
Still soaking

[Mr. Eon]
Think about the battle before you start em
You'd be better off with a John Rocker jersey up in Harlem
Shitted on the Tidybowl man, left his boat
Left him fuckin drownin in the trek that I quote
I turn your tranquil land into a savage garden
Eon run through New York like Curtis Martin
The shit talker, the spittin litterbug
I'm watchin you little children like a babysitter does


[Cut and scratched] "One by one" [x4]