Smut Council Testo

Testo Smut Council

"How many MC's" "Out there peddling" [Scratched x4]

Look at shorty from the Shining, all grown up rhyming
Still talking to my finger, but now it's through bitches stomach lining

[Mr. Eon]
I'll be the Smut Ambassador, bend her over point the ass back at a
Then I'll fucking laught at her
Picture me giving a fuck, that's Polaroid ?cunt seven?
Or Hot 97, with a yes-man brethern

[Mr. Eon]
Starbuck's stuck, you stained with feces
The only man who make roaches interchange species

I'm smacking DJ's for playing instrumentals for the wack mentals
Spitting all over the mic rentals
Bring all your dogs! My name is Cage Kennels
Not ???

[Mr. Eon]
At age 12 I spit my first rap out
In the 80's on your block like the first crack house
It's Eon cold-hearted, smoke a whole carton
Decapitate my best friend if he's bogartin
"Quick to be like" "Peddling smut!" [x4]

"What kind of shit are you peddling?" "P-p-porn" "Smut peddlers"

"You wanna talk this old school bullshit about the rules?
Well here's a rule you might remember:
I'm the motherfucking fucking one who calls the shots"