That Smut Testo

Testo That Smut

[Eon] Welcome to the peep show
[Cage] Perhaps you've heard of us
(Are you familiar with this?)
[Eon] Peddlers
[Cage] Eastern Conference

[Smut Peddlers]
That smut! It is what it is
That smut! It is what it is
That smut! It is what it is
That smut! It is what it is

Yo yo, I'm unrippable like Knicks tickets
And if your girl's a little looser you bet E's dick did it
I'll lace your crew better than Paragon can
Have you shook worse than the Marathon Man
Makin MC's use our fetus to clone us
Comin out lookin like Arvydas Sabonis
My team's in the bonus, you foul too much
Playin on the wall with the scowls and such
Man the Owl's a dutch, I done all varities
Cage, Mi, and E's - anti-society
Fingers blisterin, still stickerin
Under black moonlight, with butane flickerin
I'm with my girl but yeah I'm lookin at yours
Done 'em all, debutantes to crack whores
Bad breath (?) stink like shits is
Y'all belong up in the pink like douches
[Chorus x2: Smut Peddlers]
That smut! Wet dreams of G-13
That smut! Money shots and porno plots
That smut! Politicians in limousines sniffin
That smut! Double D's trapped in baby T's

Ducks came through, we laid 'em out
While you fucks dissect spit from Cage's mouth
When I run a vagrant route, you spacin out
With no family to react when your brains is out
And when I click this out you know the drill (SCATTER!)
This mic a shiv; hip-hop is Nancy after I stab her
On stage, you wanna go on after?
Show you the Art of War and then finish the crowd with the 1st chapter
Come and walk through this little doorway
Enter the mind of Cage and a horse will shit you out on Broadway
The flies won't eat it then feed it to the [?]
Peddle Smut like anabolic beer meth hydrolix
Alex frolics; hangin upside down
Ordained til my rhyme ninja bleeds through my face of war paint
So if you see me with a little pop jingle
Shoot me in the back of the head and feed me to my starvin breddern


Cage kennels, back to the state [?]
Put you in the mental, locked down with three channels
EC Network, the weather station, my favorites
Cut your back out, sell it to Avirex
Kissed this [?] bitch with AIDS and I caught a cold sore
Looking for "Sex in the City" and I shit on these four old whores
Kick mud off my boots to shake the story loose
Actin bigheaded when I smoke with Beetlejuice

Kids wanna fuck with the Peddlers, I can't wait
I strafe Diallo's widow, datin the jake
You spit some shit, I'll return the sentiment
and spit in your face, cause you're not in your element
Born to slay them fake mega monsters
who couldn't even rhyme if they had teleprompters
(Yo E you fucked up) Man you probably right
I wipe my ass and shove it in your face like Bobby Knight


That smut!..
That smut!