Killing The Cold Testo

Testo Killing The Cold

(Lyrics by James Scott and Dave McClain)

Imprisoned by the cold
This icy stagnant storm
We have to melt together
Or risk freezing forever
It starts with a spark
Ignite our frigid hearts
Thaw the blood in our veins
Trading this frost for flame

We're changing the season of our lives
Our hearts are racing
It's time to begin
We'll let the world know

We're killing the cold
Come prepare the fire
Fan the embers, wait for heat to inspire
No way to escape, the flames rise higher
We are ready to burn

A generation with no will
Swept by a wintry chill
We'll turn the snow to steam
Change the climate, resurrect the dream
The battle lines are drawn
Torching snow-covered walls
Take to the frozen streets
We won't accept defeat

Declare the war on the cold
But we can't do it alone
Are you ready to...