In My Eyes Testo

Testo In My Eyes

Look into my eyes
What you'll see is
Perseverance grown weak
Oh I'll try to deny
But if you look closely
You'll see through the lies
In my eyes
What you'll see has
Been damaged on delivery
I'll try to deny
But I just need you to hear my cry
You think you're helping
But you're just pouring
Salt on my wounds
Salt on my wounds

My heart is screaming
But you won't hear a word from my mouth
Here bleeding
Condemning myself into this hell
Losing feeling
The only way that you could even tell
Is in my eyes

If you're looking in my eyes
What you'll see is
A girl with a plea
Oh I try to disguise
I'm getting closer and closer
To throwing in the towel
In my eyes
I'm entangled by insecurities
Oh why do I hide
When you're the only one
Which I can rely
So won't you help me
Oh please help me
Find my way through
Find my way through


Look into these eyes of mine
Shadows left of what's left inside
Growing tired of trying to hide