Superstar Testo

Testo Superstar

[Verse 1]
So you don't know everything
So you cave to what they think, about you
You get lost in dreams
Of who you wanna be
Tell me is it hard to find
The star that shines deep inside
Cause you were made with love's embrace
The image of amazing grace
I may be just a girl to you
Don't have to listen if you don't want to
But I wish that you could see from His view
In His eyes, what you are,
He made you to be a superstar

[Verse 2]
You may not make the walk of fame
A star may never wear your name
But you will always be
The lead inside His dream
Way before you ever knew
A bigger plan included you
It's not that hard, if you just try
You and I were made to shine

You're a hit the way you are
Don't ever look back, gotta leave your mark
You are, you are, you are