Waitin On You Testo

Testo Waitin On You

Okay here's the situation
The story of my life
This time I've really gone and done it
On my own I messed it up again
It's not like it's the first time
You think I would have learned by now
That I need saving from myself

So I'm waiting You whoa
Cause You see more than I do
Waiting on You whoa
It's better when I do
Cause I've learned by now
Someway somehow You'll always pull me through
So I'm waiting on You

Another day another story
A little different this time
Could have ended up the same way
But I chose to give it up instead
It's amazing how it happens
When I just let You take control
I don't need saving from myself


Cause you promised if I wait on You
I'll get stronger when I do
I'm waiting on You
I'll keep waiting, waiting