Happy Testo

Testo Happy

It's far too easy
To get caught up in the little things
That don't matter at all
I find myself wondering
Why I'm unhappy
Why I'm always taking the fall

And It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter anyway
Don't let your dreams get shattered
Don't give up it will all be ok

Don't let yourself worry
About what is to come
And don't dwell on the past
What's done is done

It's a lesson we must learn
Life is full of twists and turns
You just gotta let go
If you're gonna be happy

I have this problem
Of never getting what I want
It leaves me hollow inside
I lose all optimism
And my belief that
Things will turn out alright
The undoing of all
My ignorance and bliss
Don't answer its call

If I've learned one thing
In the span of my life
I cannot
If I'm gonna be happy