Unsatisfied Testo

Testo Unsatisfied

I don't
Know what you'd call
Friends and a life
But still that lonely feeling

It's not
My fault at all
Or anyone's
It's just human nature
My days are short
My nights are quick
My time goes by
Like burning wax down a candlestick
It makes me sick
How everything
I do is for my pleasure

I fall, asleep
Every night unsatisfied
I need something to survive
I'm going, to find
Myself always unsatisfied
Unless I put myself to good use, now.

I'm learning now
I'm learning quick
I've got to change
No time to sit and watch my life
Slip through the cracks
I've got to act
Don't know the day or hour


Put myself to good use now
Put myself to good use now
It's bittersweet to be mortal
Not a curse, but a portal
A chance to do things that count
Before your clock runs out
Do anything and everything for him
Before the world does you in.