Back To The World Testo

Testo Back To The World

I got to go back to the world
Back to my girl
Back to my family and kids
Have to go and see my home again
Don't want my life to end
Before my time is due

Just got the postal package from my wife and kids
It brings me comfort while I'm stuck in this desert mess
But don't get me wrong, perform my mission
Just sounding off on my homesick condition
Got to get out, a short timer, my heart it begs for home


Seen many a firefight since we deployed out here
Learned how to survive with my friends
They're focus, adrenaline and fear
But the odds haunt me, hope I don't get hit
Be that body with a flag adorned to it
I'm gonna make it, the short timer, hellbent on going home


I'm not a policy maker
Just a sworn-in order taker
Doing my best to stay alive
I'm gonna make it
To conus real soon
Hope some days still lie ahead for me


I've gotta go back
Too short to turn back
Gotta go back
Back to the world again