Tale Of Mass Deception Testo

Testo Tale Of Mass Deception

An elaborate con on the common man
Propelled by your massive media plan.
And I can see your hostile takeover, greed and your lies.
Turning what I love into what I despise.

It's a tale of mass deception, destruction, corruption
And I'm under the assumption the government will function
By a clear and present danger, I'm fearing a stranger
Corporation of fear and mind control
They gotta go

You're telling lies to cover all those tracks
But it's misinformation, any honesty it lacks
Your faces now testify how it all went wrong
A nation taken for a ride and strung along


Suffering the wrath, or the iminate collapse
The result for the ignorance of assorted past
Will I watch it all crash? Your departure at long last?
Only the yearn for some honesty here.

So you got the dictator but why go lie
About the poision, the atomic fry
Went on PR tour with honchos in tow
Told the world a big lie about all that you know


Tale of mass deception, tale of mass deception [repeat x4]