Stagger Testo

Testo Stagger

He's just a drunk
An old salty dog
Stagger, you drink and then fall
Unaware that your life is held up against the wall
Aching, just dying inside
Still you cling on tight to your obstinate pride

I knew a man at the end of the bar
Wore a look of erosion, some old battle scars
Told many stories, none of them bright
If you bought him liberations, he spun them all night
Started out in Normandy, moved right onto France
The battle of Berlin and more veteran partance
At the end this generation, not like the last
Kids today need to learn from the past


Getting to loud barkeeper gives the hook
All the patrons laugh so hard the dive nearly shook
Into the alley he goes furious and irate
Expletives and threats babbled in hate
Finally he collapses down to the asphalt
Battered mug and lacerations, it's his fault
Bystanders tap numbers for the ambulance call
Salty dog going for an E.R. haul

Salt you stagger away and then fall
Continuously stubborn and defiant through it all
Vet you'll rattle, bemoan and berate
People not backing ideals out of date

What he doesn't relize
Is he's the enemy of him
What he can't see
Is he's stuck in yesterday

Battle EMT's, they try to help him
Inside self imposed defiance, he'd rather swim
Inside of him, a crazy death wish


I knew a man at the end of the bar
With a VFW jacket and some old battle scars
Did you hear the news?
Stagger's wish came true