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Testo Respect

So we're almost there, it's the year two thousand
Who would've thought that many years ago
Many have predicted the end of the world
And we almost got there, but now we're still alive
Don't sit on your ass and start ¨ complaining¨
Cause man, it ain't the end of the ¨ game¨
Hope will not save this world, but action will
¨ Yeah, it's time to all get together and sing unity ¨
In every culture, in every society
There's a pleague that havoc peace and unity
And destroys any hope of universal empathy
¨ Discrimination¨ respect the difference
¨ Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up ¨
¨ shoved it, shoved it ¨
¨ So! So! So! ¨
There's a war coming down, i can't lay back
Tell me how am i gonna compete that? War and that violence!
Tell me who's there(who's there?)
Who's raising the flag?