Straight Line, Twisted Mind Testo

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Testo Straight Line, Twisted Mind

Gotta get away, any way you can
Corruption in the state, can we stand to wait, NO WAY!
Artificial bands, artificial stage
Something else to buy, nothing else to say
Superficial life, superficial friends
No one ever bends turn the wheel again
Fighting always starts, hardly ever stops
Will there be unity again?
Looks like temptation wins again
True value never gained an inch
Same story time and time again
Who's gonna save the world today?
You feel the itch of kill always felt the thrill
Of selling out a friend, gonna get you in the end
Perfect master plan, social influence on hand
Hard to realize, hard to organize
¨ Straight line twisted mind ¨, doesn't matter if you're blind
Straight line twisted mind, doesn't matter
Life is tough, i know you had enough
Will there be unity again?