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Testo Warning

This is a warning that i'm sending out to you!
ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-2-3 GO!
You've wasted my time but you won't waste anymore, right!
You played with my mind, you won't do it anymore, no!
It doesn't take that much, no! It doesn't take anything
When you get your mind set you can steal almost anything
The problem you have is a problem i'll never have
If you could stop and think, then you might realize
Walking all alone you feel the weight of your shoes ¨ CHANGE IS EVERYTHING!
All your problems have been caused by you, right ¨ CHANGE IS EVERYTHING!
What you wanna do is drink beer, whisky and soda! ¨ CHANGE IS EVERYTHING!
Hope you'll be smarter, it will change everything! ¨ CHANGE IS EVERYTHING!
So thinkin' about the time, thinkin' about the time
I would stay, thinking about the bullshit
I don't wanna hear, thinking about the problem
You putting me through, i think that Tienes que variar!!
This is a warning so you should be concerned
I'm really sick and tired of always getting burnt
You are ratting on a friend, you've done it once again
So now your time is up, wasting time again!
[2nd verse]