Hand-replacement Testo

Testo Hand-replacement

Where do you come from when you do not love yourself

There you are then
At the beginning and the end of a relationship

You've asked nicely for your arm back

The million cooks of any earth moment You have ever seen
have let you hold the mirror by the edges
With the frame off for a minute

and cut...
and ...the inside of your body has not ceased to be a blind spot

The longer you go
The more the laws of flesh reveal to you
about those more visible veins on the back of your hands

Something very serious,
the sort of thing that escapes from say a tophat or hotel unmothered
Serious as the missing stories of a burnt out building

For example:
A heren and snake knot their necks in a fear based fight to the death
Easy like a clean cut cylinder of frozen lake
Is slide solved into an empty ten gallon drum

Why do people always rush their wishes at the wishing well

That first instinct to put a beautiful view in your mouth...

and eat.