Blinded By The Darkness Testo

Testo Blinded By The Darkness

The laws of God and the laws of man

The laws of man

They don't carry the same weight as the laws of God

Or the laws of nature
In the nomenclature

Do we want to inject the concept of sin

Into the Constitution?

Is this really necessary?

Does this not make you somewhat wary?

Shouldn't sin be left to the laws of God

And to the laws of nature?

Can we trust this to the legislature?

And shall we trust sin to the wisdom

Of the criminal justice system

Which can't handle the criminals we have now

Why create a whole new class of them?

Isn't crime dealt with by the laws of man?

Isn't sin dealt with by the laws of God?

If sin were dealt with by the laws of man

Everybody would be in jail for life

In solitary confinement

With no one to go his bail

Or would have gotten death

Maybe I should save my breath

But this lunacy is bound to fail

But there would be no one to get the food

Or run the machines

Mercy on us, dude

You shine your darkness on me

I am blinded by the darkness

In seven days God created evolution

When shall I expect retribution

From the counter revolution?



Mos dan nuclan fo steo ceedan basta fay nay san oh no say chan

Bade´ sa de´ hastem fade´ mayday payday novan ke´ shan